SF2G - Commute from San Francisco to Silicon Valley by Bicycle Skip the traffic. Skip the gym. Add awesome. Cycle to work from SF to all points on the Peninsula.

SF2G is a cycling club

An hour in traffic and an hour at the gym. Everyday. We've got something more fun in mind.

Loosely organized and tightly knit, SF2G is a group of cyclists in the Bay Area that commutes from San Francisco down the Peninsula to Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and all parts in-between. Membership is granted by showing up. Satisfaction is granted by the mile.

Getting there

  • Bayway : 42 Miles.
    Follow the San Francisco Bay all the way down the peninsula. Take in the joy of riding your bicycle as you pass thousands of poor souls stuck in traffic on the 101. Completely flat once you're out of the city, this is a good ride for all skill levels.
  • Skyline : 48 Miles.
    Skyline traces parts of the San Andreas Fault and Pacific Ocean and offers amazing views in all directions. Follow Skyline Blvd to paths and trails southward, pass through the horse ranches of the Western Peninsula, and take in the scenery and fresh air that being stuck in your car do not offer.
  • Half Moon Bay : 62 Miles.
    Cruise down highway 1, go up the spectacular and legburning Tunitas Creek Road, and back down Kings Mountain Road's tight switchbacks. A gorgeous ride, highly recommended if you have time.