First Friday Friendly Frolic (FFFF)

Ready to try out your first SF2G? Want to make sure you get there in one piece and without getting lost? Join us for one of our no-drop First Friday Friendly Frolic rides! They happen the first friday of every month... easy!

No-rider-left-behind rides are a pretty consistent weekly tradition in these parts, but we figured a monthly "for sure" ride would reduce confusion and encourage more newbies to ride. So now it's here.


  • meetup point: either Ritual Roasters OR Philz in the sunny Mission. Please watch the SF2G list for the current week's announcement!
  • time: order coffee @ 06:15, depart 06:30
  • pace: Style IV, that is, casual, maybe about 15mph, but slower as-needed; no one gets dropped!
  • route: the famous bayway
  • mirth: yes
  • arrival in mt. view area: ~9:45
  • getting home: partycar!

If this is the first time you have ridden more than 20 miles in recent memory, we recommend an abbreviated first try. Try "millbway" -- take BART to Millbrae, skip the hills, and cut the ride down to ~30 miles. If you plan to do this, shoot an email to the list so we know to look for you.

If you feel confident you can ride 42 miles, then by all means join us. Please make sure your bike is prepared -- have a look at our bike prep page.


  • bring food -- at least one powerbar or whatever you fancy ( you will get hungry around 30 miles in! very hungry! )
  • bring at least one water bottle ( you can fill up at the coffeehouse and again later at the San Mateo drinking fountain/restroom stop )
  • wear real bike shorts with padding ( chamois )
  • consider clip-in pedals -- you will be much more efficient
  • know how to change a flat, or at least ride with someone who does (how-to video)

That's about it. Come on down and ride with us, we're nice!