SF2G Ride Styles

SF2G riders like to ride at a wide range of speeds, so it's helpful when someone announces an upcoming ride to proclaim the intended style of the event. Below are some guidelines we use.

New riders: If you're at all unsure about which "style" to ride with, it's recommended you join an NRLB (no rider left behind) ride first to familiarize yourself with the route. Also keep in mind that there's a big difference between a 20mph avg. over a few miles, and the same over 40 miles and with lots of and stops/starts -- that's fast. If you're new, be conservative in estimating the style ride in which you'd best fit in. The average is a harsh mistress!

Speeds laid out below are the rolling average and apparent speeds over the entire 40-some miles of the bayway route, which means there may well be sprints/attacks/pacelines that are much faster. However, there are often regroup points (including, at least, the San Mateo restroom stop), so you'll have a chance to catch up if you get dropped.

Now that that's out of the way, here is the vernacular:

Style Vibe Average Speed (flat) Apparent Rolling Speed (flat) Description
1 no quarter 19+ mph 22+ mph all-out, as hard as you can go, merciless, hammertime - either attacky or TTT-style
2 fast & smooth 17-18 mph 19-21 mph brisk, smooth, paceliney, fast
3 cooperative 15-16 mph 17-19 mph steady, teamworky, good workout, not slow
4 social <15 mph 15-17 mph beginner/no-drop (NRLB) casual Friday pace, such as FFFF

NOTE: No matter the "style," safety comes first. The first rule of SF2G is, "no dying." The second rule of SF2G is, "no dying." No running red lights or putting yourself or others at undue risk of injury. Remember, if you run a red light, the person on your wheel probably will too, so be sure you are riding safely. It's just a commute after all.

Most rides are called at Style 2 or 3, partially because the ride caller wants company and doesn't want to scare people off. But don't be afraid to call a Style 1 if you really want to go hard. After all, "Style 1 means never having to say you're sorry." People expect to get dropped, and that's ok -- they want to test themselves. But if you do call a Style 2 or 3, please stick to the call! It's very frustrating to people when they get dropped from an unexpected speed escalation. So please respect the call, and call what you really plan to ride.

It's common to see non-integer ride calls, such as "2.5" (between a 2 and 3) or "1.9" (faster than a 2, but not an all-out hammerfest like a 1, and with cooperation usually).

Common modifiers may include things like "endurance pace", "sprints-with-regroups (SWR)", etc. Please see the terms page for more information.